In today's episode of Tech Teardown, host Erin Kennedy discusses the latest developments in the tech sector with Evan Niu, CFA, our tech and telecom bureau chief.

AT&T has announced that new customers must choose a shared data plan, which will inevitably translate into increased prices for individual users. That echoes a similar move made by larger rival Verizon last year. Un-carrier T-Mobile might have some opportunity to continue undercutting.

Intel prepares to report earnings, and things might not be so bad since the PC market did better than expected last quarter. Microsoft Windows XP is reaching the end of the support line early next year, which is beginning to trigger an enterprise upgrade cycle.

Google most certainly has a new Nexus 5 smartphone in the pipeline, and could be launched as early as tomorrow.

The search for Microsoft's next CEO continues, and familiar names continue to pop up.

The rumor mill also suggests some new products in Apple's pipeline for possible launch next year, including new Macs and a modified iPad.

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