It appears that MiMedx Group (NASDAQ:MDXG) will need to make more room in its coffers quite soon. The company announced that it will exceed the top end of its revenue guidance range for its Q3. It now expects to post a figure of $16.1 million, or roughly $100,000 higher than the maximum anticipated $16.0 million.

That $16.1 million would represent a gain of more than double the Q3 2012 figure.

In the press release on the news, MiMedx pointed out that this will be the eighth quarter in a row that it has met or exceeded its revenue guidance range.

Meanwhile, the firm tightened its top-line guidance for the entirety of fiscal 2013. It boosted the low end of that range, and now expects to take in $57 million to $60 million for the year. Previously, the former number was $54 million.

MiMedx is scheduled to unveil its Q3 results on October 30.


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