Baby food is no infantile business. It's a huge growth opportunity, but a few key leaders have struggled recently. French nutrition leader Danone (NASDAQOTH:DANOY) has suffered from the fallout of a recall in Asia. And while Swiss nutrition giant Nestle (NASDAQOTH:NSRGY) avoided a fine in China's baby food price-fixing probe, the company's still battling a tough European market to grow sales.

Through the struggle, diversified medical giant Abbott Labs (NYSE:ABT) continues to shine. While Abbott didn't escape China's probe unscathed, the company has kept its nutrition business steaming ahead at full speed. The firm reported its most recent quarter's earnings this week, and Abbott's nutrition business has barely slowed down to deal with China's setback.

Nutrition has become Abbott's new growth driver in its post-pharmaceutical life, but should you believe in this blossoming business' future? In the video below, Fool contributor Dan Carroll tells you what you need to know about Abbott's nutritional growth prospects and how this stalwart stock stacks up against the competition.

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