Health care leader Johnson & Johnson's (NYSE:JNJ) drug business is only one part of this company's diversified medical portfolio, but it has recently emerged as J&J's biggest division by sales. Drug sales jumped almost 10% for Johnson & Johnson in the third quarter alone, surpassing medical devices in total revenues. That was thanks to the gains made by old, reliable drugs like immunology blockbuster Remicade, as well as up-and-coming drugs that are lighting up investors' hopes for the future.

But Johnson & Johnson's not a company to sit on its laurels. Its pipeline is packed with punch to continue its pharmaceutical success long into the future. So, which drugs under development do investors need to keep an eye on?

In the video below, Fool contributor Dan Carroll highlights three key drugs in Johnson & Johnson's drug pipeline that could emerge as major players in this health care giant's future -- and what they could mean for this stock's long-term future.