Sometimes you look at companies and can't help but be impressed. That's the case when I look at Apache Corp. (NYSE:APA) and EOG Resources (NYSE:EOG). However, Apache has more appeal to me since the company, which is extremely balanced (53% oil and natural gas liquids and 47% natural gas), is tied to the higher priced Brent crude oil (EOG is hedged to WTI crude oil). 

It is hard to ignore the fact Apache has generated over $7 billion in asset sales, and judging by comments made recently by management during its Q313 earnings call, they are not done with non-core asset sales. This has me thinking that raising Apache's dividend or finding some inorganic value seems very credible to a leadership team that has a laser-like focus on growth. Additionally, the move to sell off some of its Egyptian stake to China's Sinopec (NYSE:SHI) could open the door for more collaboration between the two companies. 

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