NQ Mobile (NYSE:NQ) is about to lift its profile in one of Asia's more populous countries. The company announced that it has signed a deal with local cell phone service provider Telkomsel, a subsidiary of Telkom Indonesia (NYSE:TLK), to provide a suite of its products for the former's customers. The terms of the deal were not disclosed.

Telkomsel is to make NQ Mobile's Family Guardian suite of services the core of its Halo Family plan. In the latter company's words, Family Guardian "gives parents a complete set of security and monitoring services, allowing them to be updated on the child's location, prohibit access to inappropriate websites and apps, set schedules for when device functions can and cannot be used, and even block spam calls and texts."

The Indonesian firm is also to offer a pair of other NQ Mobile products, Mobile Security and Mobile Vault. The former shields hardware from viruses and other unwanted data, while the latter allows users to password protect and encrypt personal information and assets stored on their devices.

According to NQ Mobile, Telkomsel currently boasts 128 million subscribers.

Last week, NQ Mobile posted its highest-ever quarterly net revenue figure of just over $54 million, although it booked a net loss of nearly $2.8 million for the period.