From The Motley Fool's brand-new studio in New York, this very special Investor Beat features host Chris Hill and Motley Fool co-founder and CEO Tom Gardner, as they discuss three major headline stocks making moves today.

Shares of J.C. Penney are on the rise after the company's earnings report. While the report may have been considered fairly dismal on its own, when compared with J.C. Penney's recent performance, many investors saw signs that a turnaround may be taking place. Tom and Chris take a close look at J.C. Penney and the report, and discuss whether the company truly has a shot at a comeback.

Then, Yahoo! has announced that it will buy back an additional $5 billion in shares of its common stock. Share buybacks can be a great move, or a very poor one, depending on the timing. How good of a move is this for Yahoo! today? Tom and Chris take a look at CEO Marissa Mayer's track record with the company so far, as well as how much Yahoo! stands to benefit from the upcoming IPO.

And finally, shares of Tesla Motors continue to fall, down 4% this morning on news that the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration will take a formal look into reported incidents of fires in Tesla's Model S electric car. Shares have pulled back nearly 40% in recent weeks from their all-time high. Should investors be worried? Here the guys discuss the number of fires that have occurred with the Model S when compared to standard gasoline-powered vehicles, and note that the farther this stock price falls, the more attractive it may start to become for long-term investors looking to pick up shares on the cheap.