After selling its stake in Exxonmobil (NYSE:XOM) almost 30 years ago; Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway (NYSE:BRK-B) is reunited with the worlds 2nd largest company after Berkshire picked up $3.4 billion worth of shares in Exxon over the past couple of quarters. Not so say that Exxonmobil is a poor decision, but it may not be the best purchase in the big oil space today. Instead, Mr. Buffett should have looked at Chevron (NYSE:CVX) instead.

There are three reasons that Chevron is a better pick than Exxonmobil today. One of those reasons is that Chevron generates a much better return per barrel of oil equivalent than Exxon and all of the other members of big oil today. The reason for that is because Chevron produciton mix is much more concentrated on oil than on natural gas like Exxon and other big oil players BP (NYSE:BP) and Total (NYSE:TOT). Tune into the video below to learn the two other reasons that Chevon is a better buy today than Exxonmobil.

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