On Thursday's edition of the Motley Fool's Investor Beat, host Chris Hill and Fool analysts David Hanson and Matt Koppenheffer take a hard-and-fast look at the market stories investors need to know.

General Motors was up today, after the U.S. Treasury Dept. announced that it would sell its remaining shares of GM by the end of 2013. While this will mean the government will take a nearly $10 billion loss on its original GM investment, the TARP bailout program as a whole reaped a $10 billion net profit. In this segment, Matt and David take a look at General Motors today, whether they like the stock at today's price, and whether this was the right move for the government.

Then, the guys take a look at four stocks making moves on the market today. Green Mountain Coffee Roasters is up big today after fourth-quarter profits rose 38%. The company also announced a plan to buy back $1 billion worth of stock. Quarterly profits for Target were down 46%; executives within the company pointed to big losses at its Canadian locations as the source of the trouble. Philip Morris International fell today after getting a downgrade from Goldman Sachs. The company also announced it would be entering the e-cigarette market. And video game retailer GameStop also dropped today, on guidance going into the holiday quarter that came in a bit light.

And finally, Matt and David discuss why they'll be keeping a close eye on shares of Ross Stores and Fannie Mae this week.