Most people haven't heard of LightInTheBox (NYSE:LITB). LightInTheBox is a Chinese company that specializes in direct sales from businesses in China to consumers all over the world. It's a stock investors should be aware of.

So, why should you buy LightInTheBox?

You already missed two amazing opportunities
(NYSE:DANG) is a domestic business to consumer retail company in China. It offers many of the same services that LightInTheBox does, but has no share in foreign business to consumer sales market. Dangdang shares are up over 120% year-to-date. Vipshop (NYSE:VIPS) is another domestic retailer specializing in business to consumer sales. While Vipshop has done a great job capturing domestic market share they do not sell to consumers outside of China. Both Vipshop and Dangdang only operate in the Chinese domestic market and both have experienced huge growth in the last year. Think of the growth prospects when you are selling to consumers all over the world like LightInTheBox does!

Top management is top notch
The CEO of LightInTheBox is Qu Ji Guo, a young ex-Googler with a track record of success. Guo worked at Google China during some of the company's roughest periods and proved to be a key asset to then head of Google China Kai-Fu Lee who now serves as an independent director on the company's board. Kai-Fu Lee is one of the most famous tech personalities in China. In the mid 2000's when he joined Google, he was given an obscene amount of money to leave his position at Microsoft. Both Guo and Lee understand what it takes for an Internet business to succeed in both China and the United States.

It's an acquisition target
LightInTheBox is expanding quickly and shaping up to be a nice acquisition target for an established Chinese firm or an American firm looking to get a foothold in the Chinese market. LightInTheBox would be an especially interesting takeover target for Alibaba because it would give Alibaba an entrance to the business to consumer market that they have largely ignored.

Revenues and orders are growing....quickly
LightInTheBox recently reported their third-quarter earnings. According to Reuters, the company reported revenues between $75 million and $77 million, well below the $83 million expected by analysts. Even though revenue missed analyst's estimates, year-over-year revenue growth was 33%. Reuters also noted that in its third-quarter orders increased by 80%. With double digit revenue and order growth, LightInTheBox is ready to expand.