In this video from Wednesday's edition of the Motley Fool's Investor Beat, host Alison Southwick and Fool analyst Jason Moser dissect the hardest-hitting investing stories for the holiday retail season ahead.

Tiffany's third-quarter earnings destroyed analysts' expectations -- but what are the implications for luxury going forward? In the lead segment on today's Investor Beat, Jason explains why luxury retailers like Tiffany and Williams-Sonoma will see strong holiday-season sales without having to resort to Black Friday tactics like Wal-Mart and Target.

Then, the hot holiday gifts in tech are being made by Apple, Sony and Microsoft -- so what about all the other companies making the consumer electronics that we're less excited about? We're looking at you, HP. In this segment, Jason explains why a tech company doesn't necessarily need its products to be on everyone's wish list this year.

And finally, Peter Lynch is famous for the idea of investing in what you know, a tenet we espouse at The Motley Fool -- especially around the holidays. Jason wraps up the show by sharing his holiday shopping list, and offers advice on how to separate the solid long-term investments from the trendy companies (and possibly bad buys) under your tree.