When Google (NASDAQ:GOOGL) unveiled Chromecast back in July, the slick little $35 streaming device took some flack for only being compatible with Netflix, YouTube, Google Play, and Google's Chrome browser.

Still, considering Google promised more functionality down the road in the form of automatic updates, the Fool's Steve Symington maintained Chromecast could pose a significant threat to Apple's (NASDAQ:AAPL) more comprehensive $99 Apple TV product down the road.

Meanwhile, Google has followed through on its promise so far, adding support for Hulu Plus and Pandora in October, followed by HBO Go last month.

Now, however, astute software developers have spotted code in the latest updates to Google's Android OS which indicate full-screen mirroring for Chromecast could be on the way.

In the following video, Steve talks about what Google's move would mean for investors, developers, and users alike. Check out the video below to get his full take, then feel free weigh in below to let us know whether you think full-display mirroring for Chromecast could be a big deal.

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