Good news for Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) investors: The iPhone 5s is top dog. Canaccord Genuity has put out a research note that Apple's flagship phone was the top-selling smartphone model across all four domestic wireless carriers -- for three months straight. That's a strong showing despite the supply constraints that Apple had been facing early on.

On the international front, Counterpoint Research has named the iPhone 5s the top-selling smartphone globally. Furthermore, Counterpoint's data shows that Apple's market share in China put up a healthy jump in October. Apple rose to become the No. 3 vendor, up from the No. 6 spot the prior month. With the China Mobile deal likely imminent, Counterpoint sees Apple possibly rising further to grab the No. 1 spot in the largest smartphone market in the world.

In this segment of Tech Teardown, Erin Kennedy discusses Apple's smartphone dominance with Evan Niu, CFA, our tech and telecom bureau chief.

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