The inability to produce more energy than it actually takes to power fusion has long been the primary drawback for researchers and investors. However, new technologies are lessening that concern. Texas headquartered National Instruments (NASDAQ:NATI), which upped its Q4 guidance back in October, is a diversified company that creates modular hardware tools and software solutions for particle laser beams which can help fight cancerous tumors, navigate GPS, monitor wind turbines, and test sensors; plus the company's instrumentation solutions can directly be tapped to do what others have only dreamed about: better understanding and controlling the measurements of cold fusion.

National Instruments aims to solve large engineering problems associated with fusion. It offers a single platform to monitor real-time fusion analytics through its LabVIEW software platform and PXI and CompactRIO hardware platforms. Considering Italy's Andrea Rossi was able to produce excess heat from an Energy Catalyzer (ECAT), the potential for fusion is very much real thanks to advances in technology like what National is delivering.