In this video as part of the Motley Fool's "Ask a Fool" series, Fool analyst Jason Moser takes a question from a reader, who writes:

I would like to start buying individual companies and I am not sure what the wisest next step is. I am a newish investor with an account at an online broker that I use for ETF trading. This has been a great way to build up a portfolio so far. My broker charges $10 per trade, so it doesn't seem worth the money if I can only buy a few stocks at a time. I normally buy about $150-$200 of stock a month ... would it be best to find a second broker with lower trades and just use my current one for the cheap ETF trading, or just keep a single account and buy my stocks in bulk, less frequently?

Jason looks at why it is important to keep fees to a maximum of 2% of your overall investment, and how to shop around to find the right broker.

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