Based on the recent performance of Big Oil, it's not that common to see one on a "top stock" or "favorite energy stocks" countdown list. This time, though, French oil giant Total (NYSE:TOT) made our list. Not for how it has performed over the past couple of years, but what lies in store over the next several years to come.

Total got the nod over the other big oil players because of a solid project portfolio filled with high value assets slated to come online in the next couple years. Also, the company has a management team that has stuck to its long term objectives by refusing to drill for oil in the Arctic and sticking to its investment in solar company SunPower (NASDAQ:SPWR). For a company that needs to make investment decisions on timelines measured in generations, this is the type of vision that contributor Tyler Crowe wants to see from an energy company.

Check out the video below to get more details on Total and why it made our favorite stocks list, and stay tuned for the rest of our energy contributors list of top stocks. 

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