Blackouts, brownouts, and wash-outs continue to plague our domestic power grid, which was largely built in the early 1900's for a far smaller population that could only dream about things like the Internet, tablets, smartphones and monster big-screen TV's. So if the grid's infrastructure is stale and obviously outdated by grid failures post Hurricane Sandy and the great blackout of 2003, isn't it time for grid resiliency to do much more to prepare for even further power demand? This has me interested in taking a look a self-healing grid solutions and Acorn Energy (NASDAQOTH:ACFN) at present valuation.

Shares of Acorn have been taken to the woodshed for missing earnings and shareholder litigation concerns over an impairment and restructuring charge concerning to its wireless monitoring OmniMetrix subsidiary. While I do believe smart-grid solutions can help power Acorn's future, the company's recent dark cloud may actually lift in a big way if the company announces an award from a major oil company currently testing 4D seismic solutions from US Seismic Systems (USSI), a subsidiary of Acorn. Stay tuned for more updates on this developing story. 

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