In this video from Monday's Investor Beat, host Alison Southwick and Motley Fool analyst Jason Moser take a hard and fast look at the biggest investing stories from the market today.

Today is the deadline for people to sign up under the Affordable Care Act to have coverage by Jan. 1, putting Obamacare back in the spotlight and headlines. In the lead story from The Motley Fool's Investor Beat, Jason outlines the progress made in the Affordable Care Act and offers advice for people who want to invest in the success -- or failure -- of Obamacare.

Then, should Apple's deal with China Mobile turns bears to bulls? Twitter doesn't need a reason to trade higher. And Tiffany shells out nearly half a billion to Swatch, but the market just shrugs. Here, Jason discusses three stocks making moves on Monday.

And finally, Target's widespread security breach could haunt the company for quarters to come -- depending largely on how the retailer makes things right with customers. Jason explains what he'll be watching as Target works to win back shoppers' trust.

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