Let's just get this out of the way, Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) share struggled big time in 2013.

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Thankfully, Apple's stock is poised to end the year barely in positive territory. However, looking at Apple over the entire 12 months fails to fully tell the story for the world's largest publicly traded company.

A tale to two halves for Apple
Investors shunned Apple's stock during the first half of 2013, citing the usual litany of knocks against it. In fact, this overly pessimistic view helped briefly drive Apple's shares below $400 for the first time since 2011 in April and again in July.

However as Apple entered the second half of its year where it typically introduces its updated product lines, its shares absolutely took off. Through the second half of the year, Apple's shares have actually nearly doubled the equally impressive performance out of the Nasdaq.

In the video below, tech and telecom analyst Andrew Tonner looks at the story lines that Apple got right throughout the past year and the areas in which Apple fell short.