The Federal Housing Finance Authority recently announced that it reached settlements with financial institutions for nearly $8 billion in 2013 -- yet notably absent from the list was Bank of America (NYSE:BAC), which was among the 17 institutions the FHFA sued in 2011. 

JPMorgan Chase (NYSE:JPM) led the way with $4 billion in settlements, but many have estimated that Bank of America could be on the hook for up to twice that much. Rating agency Fitch noted in an October report that at one point, Bank of America had $57 billion worth of mortgage-backed securities that were sold to Fannie Mae (NASDAQOTH:FNMA) and Freddie Mac (NASDAQOTH:FMCC), versus only the $33 billion at JPMorgan.  

This led the agency to estimate that Bank of America could be on the hook for up to $8 billion -- the same amount the FHFA collected from all banks in 2013 -- when a settlement is finally reached.

In the video below, Motley Fool financial writer Patrick Morris lets investors know what that potential amount could mean to Bank of America and its investors moving forward.


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