BlackBerry's (BB 1.41%) executive chair and CEO, John Chen, added yet another new face to the company's leadership today with the by adding Ron Louks to the executive lineup as the new president of devices and emerging solutions.

Louks was formally the CEO of OpenNMS group, a company specializing in an open-source network management and application platform for global telecom and enterprise networks. In the past, Louks had also served as the chief strategy officer of HTC America and the chief technology officer at Sony Ericsson.

Louks' role at BlackBerry will be in creating long-term production goals for the company, for both hardware and software. Chen mentioned in a prepared statement that Louks will also be responsible for building relationships with carriers and partners.

Chen said in a press release, "On our path to return BlackBerry to profitability, nothing is more important than remaining deeply connected to our customers, and designing and delivering secure products that exceed their expectations."

Just last month, the company appointed a new president of global enterprise services, an executive vice president for corporate development and strategic planning, and a new senior vice president of marketing. Back in November, Chen was hired as CEO of BlackBerry, and a few weeks later the company's chief operating officer and chief marketing officer left the company.