Frozen's strong run at the box office has lasted longer than anyone could have imagined. Last weekend, a month after it opened, the film was tops at the domestic box office, closing out a strong year for Disney (DIS -0.12%). Iron Man 3 and Monsters University rounded out a year in which the studio created three of the top six grossing films in the U.S.

What's important for Disney is that this is just the start of the value train for films like Frozen. The company can generate revenue through DVD and toy sales, TV networks, and theme parks, which are actually a bigger business than making movies. These are value creators that Comcast (CMCSA -0.25%), Lions Gate (LGF-A 1.33%), and Time Warner (TWX) -- the companies that made the other three of those top six grossing films of 2013 -- simply don't have. 

Erin Miller sat down with Fool contributor Travis Hoium to see why last year's movies were so important for Disney and why they make this a winning stock in the long term.