As 2013 becomes a memory and 2014 gets into full swing, many are buying gym memberships and counting calories, but these five Motley Fool analysts are each picking a stock they'll be watching closely in the year ahead. Here's why Twitter (NYSE:TWTR), Universal Display (NASDAQ:OLED), Dorman Products (NASDAQ:DORM), CVS Caremark (NYSE:CVS), and Coach (NYSE:TPR) are five stocks to watch in 2014.

David Meier's pick is Twitter. He tells investors why this company may surprise everyone this year, and become much more than "just another social media stock." Simon Erickson gives investors a look at Universal Display, and discusses why some key partnerships for the company could position it for a great 2014.

Micah Robinson looks into Dorman Products, an after-market auto parts supplier that he sees some great metrics with at the moment which could beat the market this year. Sara Hov is looking at CVS Caremark, and discusses why two macro trends in the health care space could mean CVS is poised for outperformance this year.

And finally, Ron Gross talks about Coach, and tells investors why some short-term headwinds domestically could make now a great buying opportunity for those interested in Coach's compelling international growth prospects.

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