Can't make it to the 2014 International Consumer Electronics Show? Never fear: The Fool is there to check out the tech and report back on who's there and what's new. With thousands of products in more than 15 categories, the next big thing is surely making its debut at the CES in Las Vegas.

The Fool's Austin Smith visits the LG Connected Home Center at CES to get the dirt on Hom-Bot, a robotic vacuum cleaner that boasts a square design for corner access, as well as two on-board cameras and remote activation via Home Chat.

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A full transcript follows the video.

Austin Smith: Hi. Austin Smith here on the floor of the CES, and we're at the LG Connected Home Center. We're here looking at the Hom-Bot, some home cleaning robots. I'm wondering if you could tell me a little bit about these devices.

LG Representative: The Hom-Bot, basically what it is, is a vacuum cleaner. It's different than the other brands because it's designed in a square, so it cleans all your corners really well, instead of the other ones that couldn't do it.

It also has a camera on the top and a camera on the bottom, which allows it to plan. It plans your house. It remembers where your furniture is, where everything is, so it doesn't bump into stuff and it doesn't break it.

Smith: We're looking at a couple design advantages, maybe, over a more entrenched home robot cleaner like iRobot (IRBT -1.54%). We have cameras on top, cameras on the bottom, and a square design, which allows you to clean the corners better.

What other benefits does this have -- integration with other LG-connected home products?

LG Representative: You can control it from your phone. You use our Home Chat, like all the other devices with LG, so that's another pretty good feature. You can be at the office, and you forgot to clean! You just go on your phone, and set it to clean the house. When you go back home, everything's clean!

Smith: Definitely more of a connected home platform than the traditional, maybe home-based cleaning robots we see out there. Anything else you want to touch on in particular with these devices, that make them stand out against an iRobot or a Roomba device?

LG Representative: That's pretty much it, but I think that's pretty cool, though!

Smith: Lots of very cool stuff from the Hom-Bot. Definitely just one more addition in the LG connected home sphere, something this company's taking very seriously. Thank you so much for the time.

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