Oil and gas production is surging. That's fueling substantial opportunities for pipeline and processing companies to build and operate the infrastructure needed to keep the boom going. It's also creating the opportunity for investors to pocket a little cash as these companies usually pay solid dividends and distributions. Here are three companies that are poised to pay investors very well in 2014.

Five-year drought is over
Energy Transfer Partners (NYSE:ETP) finally started growing its distribution to investors late last year. While the increase was just a penny, investors will take it after the more than five-year drought during which some of the company's peers were announcing distribution increases on a quarterly basis. What's important here is that this move was more than symbolic; Energy Transfer Partners is finally turning around and its financials are now on more solid ground, meaning its payout should continue to increase.

Over the past year, Energy Transfer Partners placed into service more than $2.1 billion of assets, which are now producing cash that can be distributed to investors. In addition, Energy Transfer Partners sees at least $2 billion in growth projects that have near-term potential to fuel more cash flow, along with future projects, including LNG exports, that offer longer-term growth. Income-seeking investors should take a close look at Energy Transfer Partners and its 6.7% yield.

Moving oil has its perks
Enbridge Energy Partners (NYSE:EEP) is the largest pipeline transporter of oil from western Canada into the U.S., as well as the largest transporter of crude oil out of the Bakken. Given recent issues with moving crude oil by rail, that could prove to be a huge advantage for the company.

While transporting oil is a big segment of the Enbridge Energy Partners' business, it's just part of the story. The company has a massive pipeline of organic growth projects to keep its distribution to investors both flowing and growing. At last count the company had secured more than $8.5 billion in organic growth projects. This leads it to target 2%-5% annual distribution growth, which is nice considering Enbridge Energy Partners already yields more than 7.6%. That'll provide investors a nice income stream in 2014 and beyond.

Fueled by natural gas
Boardwalk Pipeline Partners (NYSE:BWP) is focused on natural gas and natural gas liquids. In fact, the company transports 12% of America's daily natural gas consumption. It should continue to play a key role as the United States begins to utilize more natural gas for power production and rising industrial uses.

That's why Boardwalk Pipeline Partners is investing heavily to grow its asset base. The company has more than $600 million in growth projects planned over the next two years. That doesn't include its proposed Bluegrass Pipeline joint venture with Williams (NYSE:WMB) that could eventually transport Marcellus and Utica NGLs to the Gulf Coast. Boardwalk Pipeline Partners offers investors a lot of growth potential as America uses more natural gas.

What's even more compelling about Boardwalk Pipeline Partners is that it pays its investors better than the other two companies on this list. With a 8.5% yield , investors are being paid pretty well while waiting for the company's growth projects to kick in and jump-start distribution growth. Add it all up and Boardwalk Pipeline Partners is a solid play for income now and natural gas-fueled growth in the future.

Investor takeaway
There are so many ways to profit from the American energy boom. One of the easiest is to just sit back and collect the rock-solid payouts from midstream companies such as the three I've mentioned. All three pay very well and offer solid future growth, as hey are well positioned to profit from growing oil and gas production.