Stocks don't come a lot hotter than Himax Technologies (NASDAQ:HIMX).

Over the last 12 months, shares of the Taiwan-based Himax have soared more than 390%. That's more than 10 times the return of the Nasdaq in one of the best years for the broad markets in recent memory.

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So what, exactly, has served as the rocket fuel that's sent Himax's shares to the moon?

Higher and higher for Himax
Although relatively few investors probably still have Himax on their radars even today, it is by no means the new kid on the block. In fact, the company was founded in 2001, making it older than a healthy number of today's most iconic tech firms.

However, it wasn't truly until tech giant Google unveiled its next-gen wearable Google Glass that Himax's shares hit the limelight.

You see, among other things, Himax manufactures the advanced displays that power the screen for Google Glass. And it's the tantalizing growth potential that many see in emerging wearable tech space that have investors so high on Himax.

In the video below, tech and telecom analyst Andrew Tonner gives his take on Himax in the latest edition of the Fool's popular "Ask a Fool" series.