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As colossal, integrated oil companies like Royal Dutch Shell (RDS.A) begin to run out of options to meaningfully increase their reserve bases through conventional means, new, more controversial regions must be explored. For several years now, Shell had hoped that the Alaskan Arctic would their ticket to growth that shareholders would appreciate. Unfortunately, it hasn't been able to get its act together, and over $4 billion has been spent on wasted efforts. 

For peers like ExxonMobil (XOM 0.32%) and Statoil (EQNR 0.92%), the Arctic Circle is the future, but they are both reaching outside of the United States. Hopefully, for their sake, the Kara and Barents Sea will be more friendly that the Chukchi has been to Shell. For more on these companies' plans, check out the short video below.

Greater oil production is tough for OPEC to swallow but not for investors in this company