What would you ask an investor who's beaten the market by more than 200% over the past decade-plus and has watched one of his picks turn into a 100-bagger?

That's what the Fool's Matt Koppenheffer had to ponder when preparing to interview Motley Fool co-founder and Supernova lead advisor David Gardner. While David can count his investment in Amazon.com (AMZN 0.83%) as a success, as the stock has grown more than 100-fold since his first investment, he has recommended countless other stocks to Motley Fool subscribers that now fetch a multiple of their original price.

In the wide-ranging interview that follows, Matt got David's thoughts on (among other things):

  • Why he prefers investing in companies that other investors think are overvalued.
  • What he's learned from Warren Buffett and what of Buffett's approach he leaves behind.
  • Why Amazon's Jeff Bezos has been able to manage Amazon his way.
  • What he thinks about the opportunity for 3-D printing, Tesla (TSLA 0.38%), and Twitter (TWTR).