At the Mobile World Congress, the largest mobile device trade show in the world that got under way in Barcelona this week, Samsung (NASDAQOTH: SSNLF) unveiled its latest and greatest flagship phone, the Galaxy S5. Though its predecessor the S4 saw a strong launch, demand quickly tapered off thereafter, leaving many wondering just how capable Samsung is of reinvigorating demand for its high end mobile offerings. The Galaxy S5, perhaps unsurprisingly, boasts many versions of features now found on Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) iPhone devices, such as a fingerprint scanner, and a larger display.

In this segment from Tuesday's Tech Teardown, Motley Fool tech and telecom bureau chief Evan Niu talks with host Erin Kennedy about some of the features of the new Galaxy S5 and how they compare with similar features found on Apple devices. He also compares the launch of the GS5 to the previous GS4, and takes a look at whether or not the new device will help Samsung hold on to its current mobile device market share.

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