After taking Monday off, the Department of Defense's acquisitions specialists got back to work today, awarding 18 separate defense contracts Tuesday, worth a total of $4.22 billion.

The biggest winner of the day was defense contractor Boeing (NYSE:BA), which won a $1.16 billion contract modification to supply the U.S. Army with AH-64E attack helicopters. Specifically, Boeing will "remanufacture," or take apart, refurbish, and put back together again 72 Apaches. Boeing will also build and deliver to the Army 10 wholly new Apaches, refresh five crew trainers, refurbish one crew trainer, and provide integrated logistics support, ground support equipment, spare parts, and perform engineering work on the helicopters.

All of this work is to be completed by June 30, 2016.

With nearly 1,000 units in service in militaries around the globe, the Boeing Apache is the fifth most popular combat helicopter in the world.

AH-64E Apaches. Photo: Boeing.

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