What is General Electric?

Source: Flickr/Jeffrey Turner

It seems like a simple question. And for most companies, it is.

If you asked me about Wal-MartGeneral Motors, or Bank of America, I'd tell you they're in the business of retail, automotive manufacturing, and banking, respectively. I'm sure anyone would. These are household names, after all.

For the industrial giant General Electric, it's a little more complex. GE actually runs eight different businesses. Each and every one of them would be Fortune 500 companies on a stand-alone basis.

GE owns the sixth most valuable brand in the world, yet it makes scarcely any consumer-facing products outside of your everyday kitchen appliances.

So what is it that generated $146 billion in revenue for GE in 2013? Click on the slideshow below for a deep dive into this 122-year-old conglomerate.

What Is General Electric? from The Motley Fool

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