Each month, the writers and staff at The Motley Fool vote for the highest-quality industrial articles out of the hundreds published each month. Here are the winners for February.

First Place: Tesla Motors: 5 Things I Hate About YouBy Sean Williams

A contrarian look into America's most popular story stock -- Tesla Motors (NASDAQ:TSLA). Bulls and bears alike should read these five hates from Foolish analyst Sean Williams.

Second Place: Tesla Motors Stock is Racing to New Heights: Is it Time to Sell or Buckle Up for the Long Haul 
By Daniel Miller

Daniel Miller takes the opposite viewpoint of Sean above, and offers Tesla Motor investors his take on investing for the long term in the automaker.

Third Place: These Little Planes Are Going the Way of the Dodo BirdBy Adam Levine-Weinberg

Those small 50-seat jets we love being crammed into could be in danger of facing extinction. This article from Adam was not only entertaining, but a very insightful look into the complicated airline industry. He shows investors exactly why Delta Air Lines (NYSE:DAL) has made plans to reduce its 50-seat fleet by 70%. 

Honorable Mentions

Child Genius, Space Rockets, and $7,093,435,498: Going Inside the Mind of Elon Musk
By Tamara Rutter
Why Maserati Had a Superbowl Ad
By John Rosevear
How 3-D Printing Changing the World of ManufacturingBy Steve Heller

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