What's better than momentum? Mo' momentum. Let's take a closer look at five of this past week's biggest scorchers.


March 14

Weekly Gain




UQM Technologies (UQM)



Unilife (UNIS)



Harmony Gold (HMY -0.81%)



Millennial Media (NYSE: MM)



Source: Barron's.

Let's start with CNinsure. The Chinese insurer posted healthy growth in its latest quarter. Revenue and earnings climbed 16% and 24%, respectively. Earnings actually fell short of expectations, but CNinsure still encouraged investors with guidance calling for revenue to clib 15% in the current quarter.

UQM popped after revealing that it had achieved an official registration for the ISO/TS 16949:2009 Quality Standard, the highest level of quality standards for the automotive industry, across its entire operation. UQM develops and makes electric motors, generators, and power electronic controllers.

Unilife rose after lining up some near-term financing. The terms of the deal aren't kind. An OrbiMed affiliate will provide Unilife with $40 million now, another $10 million at the end of this year, and another $10 million next year. Unilife only has to pay interest on the new debt during the six-year term of the agreement. However, that rate is a stiff 10.25%, and it also has to pay a royalty rate based on Unilife's net sales during the term. The market still warmed up to the arrangement, encouraged by Unlife's liquidity stability with the financing in place. 

Harmony Gold also mined big gains during a down week for the market. Gold stocks generally moved higher after the situation in Ukraine continued to escalate. Gold prices moved higher every day last week, and are now up 6% over the past month. Harmony Gold's revenue declined in its latest quarter -- and a profit turned into an adjusted loss -- as gold prices have dipped. Naturally, if gold keeps rising it will eventually result in profitability and revenue growth for Harmony.

Most of Millennial Media's pop came on Friday, after a SeekingAlpha article played up the mobile marketer's prospects. A day earlier, The New York Times' Bits column a day earlier also played up how online marketing has shifted from desktop to mobile, implying that Millennial is in the Internet's sweet spot. However, it bears pointing out that even though the Bits story talks up mobile search advertising expected to grow 82% in 2014, and that's a sharp contrast to Millennial -- a display advertising specialist -- which is targeting only 20% top-line growth this year. 

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