It's a big day in the fast-food world, as Yum! Brands' (NYSE:YUM) Taco Bell rolled out its much-anticipated breakfast menu this morning. This includes such items as A.M. Grilled Tacos, Steak and Egg Burritos, and Sausage Flatbread Melts. Or how about... Waffle Tacos with Bacon?

To see if Yum! Brands lived up to its name with these unique gastronomic delights, our gang of breakfast-loving editorial food critics gathered for a morning taste test. Could Taco Bell actually challenge McDonald's (NYSE:MCD) for breakfast supremacy? Motley Fool analyst Rex Moore has the sweet and sticky details in this video.


Breakfast from Taco Bell... It's enough to make Homer Simpson skip the donuts.

"Mmmmmmm... Waffle Tacos."

It appears Yum! Brands social-media campaign is working -- as there was quite a logjam at several Taco Bells during the morning rush.

To see whether McDonald's -- the undisputed McLeader of fast-food breakfast -- has anything to worry about, we conducted a highly unscientific taste test at Fool World Headquarters this morning.

(Various taster opinions.)

As for me, I enjoyed all the breakfast offerings... and think Taco Bell is easily on par with Burger King (UNKNOWN:BKW.DL) and McDonald's.

But for some, well, they'll give up their Egg McMuffin only when you pry it from their warm, greasy hands:

"Overall, I think McDonald's remains the king of fast-food breakfast."

Reporting from Fool HQ in Alexandria, Virginia, I'm Rex Moore.