There are certain side benefits to America's energy boom that don't get much attention, and one of those aspects is how cheap ethane is. The critical natural gas-based chemical feedstock is in more than abundant supplies as we drill for oil and natural gas all over the country. It is so cheap, in fact, that chemical companies estimate it is 75% less than using the oil-based alternative, naptha. With such an advantage over other manufacturing facilities around the world, American-based companies plan to spend $100 billion in new and upgraded facilities.

For investors, there is one company that is in a better position to take advantage of this situation than anyone else: Enterprise Products Partners (NYSE:EPD). Tune into the video below to find out why Enterprise is in a better position to profit from this boom than both the chemical manufacturers and their pipeline competitors, Oneok Parnters (NYSE:OKS) and Energy Transfer Partners (NYSE:ETP).