With tech giant Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) only hours away from reporting FY '14 second-quarter earnings, the tech world's sitting on edge in anticipation of what the world's largest publicly traded company has up its sleeve.

Q2 is often quiet for Apple as the cacophony of the peak holiday sales season has ebbed, but Apple's product launch cycle has yet to fully heat up. But that doesn't mean this report isn't relevant for Apple and its investors.

So, prior to Apple's report later today, let's look at three of the most important storylines I'll be watching in Apple's upcoming report.

3 keys to Apple's report
I'll certainly have my antennae up following a whole host of issues at work at Apple.

Specifically, I'll be on the lookout for information on new products Apple has in the works. In addition, commentary on growing competition on a host of fronts, especially from the likes of Amazon.com, will be two key areas of interest in Apple's report. I'll also want to hear more about Apple's ongoing capital return plans, specifically if a dividend increase is in order as Apple's cash hoard should have swelled once more during the quarter.

In the video below, tech and telecom specialist Andrew Tonner digs deeper into these three points of interest for Apple's earnings report later today.