I'm a firm believer that wearables are perhaps the best bet to become the most immediate, mass-growth market in tech as companies like Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) should help push this market into the mainstream in the months ahead.

However, there's just one problem that should have tech investors scratching their heads on the eve of this emerging tech trend.

Few people have a handle on just how significant a growth driver the wearables market could be. Thankfully, one well-respected research firm recently attempted to clear up the confusion.

Where will wearables go from here?
As many have rightly assumed, the growth potential for the wearables market is truly awesome, or so said researcher IDC in a note published earlier this month.

In fact, IDC estimates that the wearables market will reach shipments well over 100 million within five years, providing plenty of profit potential for tech giants like Apple. 

However, as someone who's spent quite some time following this nascent market, tech and telecom specialist Andrew Tonner believes it will be up to Apple to truly infuse enough intelligence into the modern smartwatch to make it worth the average consumer's money. And until Apple changes the game later this year, Andrew argues in the video below that the smartwatch market will likely be stuck in a holding pattern.