3 Drugs Johnson & Johnson’s Investors Better Know About

Johnson & Johnson's (JNJ) sales are being driven by a handful of fast-growing drugs. Here are three investors should be watching because of competitive threats from AstraZeneca (AZN), Pfizer (PFE), and Medivation (MDVN).

Todd Campbell
Todd Campbell
Apr 24, 2014 at 6:30PM
Health Care

Johnson & Johnson's sales grew 3.5% during the past year, but only because of big sales growth from a handful of its recently launched drugs. Among these fast-growing new drugs are Johnson's next-generation treatment for diabetes, a new anticoagulant that's displacing warfarin's decades long market share leadership, and a multi-billion dollar drug for tough-to-treat prostate cancer.

However, all three of these drugs are facing challenges that may threaten their market share. Competitors, including AstraZeneca (NYSE:AZN) Pfizer (NYSE:PFE), Medivation (NASDAQ:MDVN), and Astellas (NASDAQOTH:ALPMY)are lining up to try and capture Johnson's market share in these indications.

In the following slideshow, you'll learn what these three drugs are, which companies are challenging their dominance, and seven important questions you should be asking about them this year.