Boeing (NYSE:BA) released its latest report on airplane orders received -- and canceled -- through late April on Thursday. Once again, all the action was in 737 single-aisle airplanes, as Boeing's bigger birds simply refused to sell.

To date, the aerospace giant has booked:

  • 329 "gross" orders for various flavors of its 737 regional airliner
  • four orders for the 777 airliner
  • one 747 order
  • one 787 order

No new orders have been booked since Boeing last updated its order book a week ago.

This latest tally shows orders for 55 of the company's 737s were received over the past week, including five planes ordered by Ryanair (NASDAQ:RYAAY), and 50 more placed by an "unidentified customer(s)." At the same time, orders for two 737s were canceled.

Cancelations year to date now total 47 planes. Subtracted from 335 gross plane orders received, this leaves Boeing with a net of 288 new orders collected this year. By way of comparison, by this point in last year's sales cycle, Boeing had netted "only" 255 planes of various types. So by that measure, at least, Boeing appears to be ahead of the game in 2014, with sales up 13% year to date.