Here are some of the most interesting stories I've been reading today.

From around the web:

1. By 2020 Apple Won't Be A Top-3 Tech Company by Ingrid Lunden
Fred Wilson, one of the top tech investors around, makes the bearish case for Apple.

2. Three Underrated Reasons for Berkshire Hathaway's Enormous Success by Shane Parrish
A simple, but not easy formula for success.

3. A Path to Retirement, for Those Far From It by Jeff Sommer
A professional investment advisor has put together an instruction manual for young people on saving and investing.

4. David Einhorn Presentation At Ira Sohn by ValueWalk
Einhorn's case for shorting AthenaHealth.

5. Looking for Bubbles Part One: A Statistical Approach by Jeremy Grantham
I always look forward to reading Grantham's quarterly letter. It's predictably one of the best reads in the investing space.

And on

6. Is the Stock Market Rigged?
Longtime Fool Bill Mann addresses an important question for investors.

7. Don't Worry About Ford's Miss
Ford's Q1 performance was a lot better than its earnings report showed.

8. The Harsh Truth About Monsanto and Syngenta
Here's why Monsanto and Syngenta aren't more transparent with consumers. 

9. Why Invest in Dividends
An important discussion of two good reasons to consider dividends as part of your investing strategy.

10. The Metric That Really Matters for Twitter
A deeper analysis of Twitter's "U.S. monthly active users" metric.