Here are some of the most interesting stories I've been reading today.

From around the web:

1. The Risks of Investing in Alibaba's I.P.O. by William Alden
The big story today is the release of Alibaba's F-1 filing. This piece takes a look at the 38 pages from the filing devoted to risks.

2. Seven Tips for Stock Traders Determined to Defy the Odds by Carl Richards
If you must go "toe to toe with improbability," here are some tips for improving your odds.

3. Apple Retail and the Innovator's Dilemma by Ben Thompson
Apple retail stores are more important than most investors think.

4. What Drives Credit Card Debt in America by Demos
A deep analysis explores why some folks carry more credit card debt than others.

5. Whole Foods Thinks It's Too Expensive by John McDuling
Is it possible that Whole Foods is too preoccupied with lowering its prices?

And on

6. The Secret Behind Berkshire Hathaway's Success by Shane Parrish
Berkshire's secret is pretty simple. That doesn't mean it's easy.

7. Where Outperformance Comes From by Morgan Housel
Ordinary investors need to know their edge consists in waiting longer.

8. Samsung Must Be Sweating Bullets Over This Phone – and So Should Apple! by Anders Bylund
A new phone delivers similar hardware but at a 60% discount.

9. Lower Taxes: Another Benefit of Long-Term Investing by Brendan Mathews
A look at the tax benefits of holding investments for the long term.

10. Two Overrated Rebuttals for Why Housing Is a Good Investment by Morgan Housel
Defenders of homeownership often put forward arguments that aren't as strong as they think.