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With Mother's Day upon us, being nice to Mom is priority No. 1 among investors and non-investors alike. What better way to pay tribute to the hardest-working demographic than by examining how the work-a-day world is treating her these days?

I took a look at some current research on working mothers, perusing WalletHub and Working Mother for the latest on how specific geographic areas and particular employers rank in the parent-friendly work policy arena.

Here are the top five mom-friendly states identified by WalletHub, ranked by the number of Working Mother's best companies each state hosts – which may add to the chances of women being able to snag a job that is truly family friendly.

New York
Many of the 100 best companies on Working Mother's list are financial firms, so it stands to reason that New York would be loaded with family friendly employment opportunities. Seventy-four of the companies listed by Working Mother have locations in New York, making the search for a job with family amenable policies that much easier. Banking heavies like Bank of America and Citigroup, for example, provide up to 12 and 16 paid weeks of paternal leave, as well as backup child care services .

Washington, D.C.
The nation's capital is another city chock-full of family friendly employers, sporting 57 such companies. Mortgage giant Freddie Mac offers a generous adoption expense reimbursement policy, and offers a plethora of flexible work schedules. The law firm of Katten Muchin Rosenman has a strong mentoring program for women, and offers a personalized flextime schedule for each employee.

This state holds the No. 1 spot on WalletHub's list for work-life balance, and is home to 43 of the 100 best companies for family friendliness. Accounting firm Moss-Adams, with offices in Portland, offers much in the way of work-life balance, including flexible scheduling and telecommuting. Tech company Cisco, with locations in Oregon, allows 99% of its employees to telecommute.

Work-life balance is huge in Oregon, and the grassroots organization Family Forward Oregon brings employers and community members together to promote a strong family business relationship, while providing multiple resources for parents as well as employers.

Vermont and Maine
Rounding out the fourth and fifth most mom-centric states are Vermont and Maine, which have 18 and 15 of the most flexible companies on Working Mother's list. Both states ranked fourth in WalletHub's list for work-life balance, however, despite having fewer of those featured employers within their borders.

This may be due to these states having a greater number of small employers – companies with between 50 and 99 workers. According to the 2014 National Study of Employers, these are the companies now taking the lead in allowing employees more workplace flexibility, compared to businesses with 1,000 or more employees.

In addition, Vermont has recently passed a flextime law, which guarantees employees the right to ask for flexible work arrangements, without fear of retribution – something that all workers would no doubt like to see become commonplace.

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