With microblogging maven Twitter (NYSE:TWTR) taking it on the chin as its IPO lock-up period expires, remaining Twitter shareholders could certainly use some good news.

This isn't it.

Source: Amazon.com

Twitter recently made headlines when it announced a partnership with e-commerce powerhouse Amazon.com (NASDAQ:AMZN). According to reports, Amazon.com and Twitter have teamed up to enable Twitter users to purchase goods through the use of a newly minted Twitter function, the hashtag #AmazonCart.

And while this new trick might seem pretty nifty, it seems unlikely to drive greater business results for Twitter in the immediate future.

Tech and telecom specialist Andrew Tonner says he isn't trying to be overly critical of Twitter or Amazon.com. It's just after seeing the technology, it seems like a technology that still needs some perfecting.

That being said, the advent of e-commerce on Twitter does bode well for Twitter over the long term. By creating the potential for e-commerce transactions, Twitter should in theory be able to better cater to potential online advertisers with e-commerce business models while collecting valuable consumer purchasing data. If anyone uses the service, that is.

In the following video, Andrew breaks down his logic as to why, although interesting, Twitter and Amazon.com's new tech toy isn't ready for the limelight just quite yet.

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