Deal making is back in the telecom and media space in a big, big way. 

As has been widely covered, Sprint (NYSE:S) is working behind the scenes to eventually bid for telecom upstart T-Mobile (NASDAQ:TMUS), a deal that's fraught with risk before it even begins. And similarly, we've seen word leak that AT&T and DirecTV are also in discussions about a possible acquisition.

Source: T-Mobile.

One company that you probably haven't thought about but could hold major implications for the Sprint and T-Mobile transaction is satellite provider DISH Network (NASDAQ:DISH)

What a DISH
According to reports, DISH knows it simply can't compete against the now-deep-pocketed Sprint in the fight for T-Mobile. So rather than compete head-on against Sprint, DISH is instead quietly waiting in the background in hopes that the T-Mobile-Sprint deal will self-destruct and present it with an opportunity to snap up T-Mobile.

DISH has been hard to work developing a key new offering that it hopes will usher in the next great wave of change in the U.S. cable market, and it believes that T-Mobile could prove extremely useful as it rolls this new product out later this year.

In the video below, tech and telecom specialist Andrew Tonner looks at DISH's entry as a possible alternative to Sprint's coming deal for T-Mobile and what it could mean for investors in each of these companies in the months ahead.

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