Shares of Pernix Therapeutics (NASDAQ:PTX) soared 31% yesterday after the company revealed that it had bought the U.S. rights to GlaxoSmithKline's (NYSE:GSK) Treximet (which helps treat migraines in adults) for $250 million upfront (and some potential additional payments later). The importance of this purchase cannot easily be overstate for Pernix -- the company had $85 million in revenue last year, while Treximet on its own brought in $79 million -- and Pernix clearly sees some additional upside potential for the drug, whether it's through a potential indication expansion (to pediatric patients) or through synergies with Pernix's current salesforce.

Where could Pernix unlock additional value for the drug? In the video below, Motley Fool health care analysts Michael Douglass and David Williamson discuss Pernix's plans for the drug and how this deal jives with the company's current offerings.

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