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Michael Douglass

Michael Douglass


Former Deputy Managing Editor, I started in Healthcare, but you'll find me writing regularly about biotech, dividend stocks, and personal finance.

Recent articles

gold bars

3 Reasons Realty Income Corp.'s Dividend Is Safe

It all comes down to the REIT's fundamental business.

dropping market

AbbVie’s $63 Billion Mistake

Overpaying for Allergan would be a serious misstep.

Three problems

3 401(k) Mistakes You Don’t Want to Make

Each can render a significant cost to your retirement savings.

Blue-chip stocks

3 Excellent Dividend Aristocrats You Can Buy Right Now

These quality businesses have lots of opportunities to keep raising what they give back to investors.

Coins in front of flag

Here’s How to Become a 401(k) Millionaire

Start early, save a lot.

Sad retiree

What Happens When Social Security Goes Broke?

And how we can (hopefully) prevent that from happening.

Defensive stocks protect your portfolio like the walls of a castle

This 5% Dividend Yield Isn't Good Enough for Me

Because I'm looking for both income and growth.

Happy retiree

This Surprising Retirement Statistic Could Change Your Future

And most importantly: Your golden years can be golden, even if you aren't staggeringly wealthy.

realtor with keys

3 Numbers Underscore Redfin’s Enormous Opportunity

The more I learn about this company, the more I like it.

Jar of money

Is This $136,852 Gift Hidden in Your 401(k)?

It'll cost you a few bucks, but it's totally worth it.

mutual funds

How to Invest in Mutual Funds

Everything you need to know about mutual fund investing.

retirement compass

The $2.5 Million Retirement Question Every Gen Xer Needs to Answer

Just how much will you need to retire?


Why I Finally Sold my Gilead Sciences Stock Position

Even I eventually gave up.

TrackMaven CEO Allen Gannett on Creativity, Entrepreneurship, and Cultivating Diversity

The Motley Fool interviews Allen Gannett on "The Creative Curve", which hit bookstores on June 12th.

Jar of money

The Completely Unpredictable Retirement Expense You Somehow Must Prepare For

According to some estimates, this could cost you $280,000 or more if you're retiring today.

Woman at crossroads

Has the Gilead Sciences Buy Argument Collapsed?

Let's find out.


70% of Americans Dream of Traveling in Retirement: How to Afford It (Without a Ton of Cash)

It can be surprisingly easy (particularly if you have a retiree's flexible schedule).


BofI Holding Stock Is Expensive: Here's Why It's Still a Buy

If the growth runway is long enough, valuation doesn't matter that much.

home buyer

We Got $36,000 in Home Loan Savings -- but You Could Do Even Better

Our deal was good, but we missed out on even more savings.

retired couple at cafe

5 Good Reasons to Work Until You're 70

Personally, I find the fifth the most convincing.

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