In the "Movers and Shakers" segment of today's Investor Beat, Chris Hill and Fool analyst Taylor Muckerman wade through AstraZenaca, FireEye, and World Wrestling Entertainment.

Taylor outlines the problems investors feel about AstraZeneca's recent rejection of Pfizer's $117 billion bid. With political backlash in the U.K. from such a large potential acquisition and Pfizer's poor track record with acquisitions, Taylor explores why investors might be upset about this deal and rejection. He sees the stock, however, with a turnaround in the future as new products come out.

After a rejected bid, Chris and Taylor talk about FireEye's stock rise today after the security software company's lock-up period expires on Wednesday, yet Chris notes that the year has been pretty rough for FireEye. Taylor explains that the expiring lock-up will give investors insights into what insiders think of the company and he thinks that this could be good for the investors to take notice.

Then, Chris and Taylor explore the continued dip of World Wrestling Entertainment. Chris explores what management offered investors today -- with a Netflix-like offering to their viewers -- yet he's wary about how many subscribers they'll be able to find in the short term.