Pfizer (NYSE:PFE) came back with another sweetened deal -- this time for 53.50 pounds (or about $119 billion) -- and was yet again rejected by AstraZeneca (NYSE:AZN). This rejection came despite the deal's increase (from a little over $100 billion last time around) and a shift in the deal's mechanics to more cash -- representing 45% of the deal's value compared to the older bid's 33%. AstraZeneca's management said that the company was worth still more money -- about 58.50 pounds per share.

AstraZeneca Chairman Leif Johansson noted that "If Pfizer now says this is the final offer I have to believe what they say."

What if this is the final offer?

In this video from Monday's Market Checkup, the Motley Fool's health care-focused investing show, health care analysts Michael Douglass and David Williamson and discuss the deal and a day that all Pfizer and AstraZeneca investors should circle: May 26th.

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