Software dynamo Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT) needed a solution to its mobile inadequacies, and it appears to have found exactly what it was looking for in Apple's (NASDAQ:AAPL) iPad. After hemming and hawing for far too long under the regime of former CEO Steve Ballmer, Microsoft finally launched its hugely popular Office suite of productivity software for Apple's iPad in hopes of gaining at least some kind of traction in this new tech paradigm.

Source: Microsoft

However, few anticipated that Microsoft would be met with such strong demand as a recent update clearly shows.

Microsoft Office doubles up
At the TechEd conference recently, Microsoft Office's general manager, Julie White, revealed that Microsoft had been downloaded an absolutely whopping 27 million times in the then-46 days since Microsoft released Office on Apple's iPad. All the more encouraging, this also shows that Office for iPad downloads have doubled since early April, as well. If Microsoft was hoping to spur adoption, it need look no further.

However, Microsoft's success on Apple's uber-popular tablet also comes with some uncertainty as to exactly how much additional revenue Microsoft's Office on Apple's iPad has actually generated. But in the video below, tech and telecom specialist Andrew Tonner argues that, although dealing with some uncertainty, Microsoft's success on Apple's iPad is a resounding win for the tech giant no matter now you slice it.

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