The latest 13F season is here, when many money managers issue required reports on their holdings. It can be worthwhile to pay attention, as you might get an investment idea or two by seeing what some major investors have been buying and selling.

For example, consider Tiger Global Management. The tech-oriented hedge fund company's reportable stock portfolio totaled $7.4 billion in value as of March 31, 2014, and contained just a few dozen stocks. Indeed, the top 10 holdings make up about 61% of the overall portfolio's value.

Tiger Global's latest 13F report shows that it established or increased positions in Himax Technologies (NASDAQ:HIMX), Myriad Genetics (NASDAQ:MYGN), and UTi Worldwide (UNKNOWN:UTIW.DL).

Semiconductor specialist Himax Technologies has been steadily growing and increasing its profit margins in recent years. Himax's forward-looking P/E near 14 is appealing, as its dividend, which recently yielded 3.3%. But all is not well for the maker of flat-panel display chips. In its first quarter, it posted earnings that missed expectations, and management reduced second-quarter expectations (in large part due to "a certain end-customer's inventory position"). On the plus side, revenue grew by 11% year over year, with sales related to small and mid-sized displays outpacing those of large displays. Smartphone sales in China have helped propel small-display sales. Himax is also poised to profit from Google Glass, but it remains unclear how successful Google Glass will ultimately be.

Myriad Genetics, a molecular diagnostics specialist, has seen its stock falling (and heavily short-sold) due in part to concerns over Medicare's reimbursement rate for its genetic test that identifies which women are at greater risk of ovarian and breast cancer. Even worse, a Supreme Court ruling invalidated some Myriad patents, opening the door to more competition. Bulls note, though, that the company's third quarter featured revenue rising 17% and management upping projections for the year. Adjusted net income grew 21% over year-ago levels.

UTi Worldwide specializes in freight forwarding and other transportation services. It took a hit in late March after reporting fourth-quarter results that featured revenue dropping 2% and a greater-than-expected net loss. Management blamed "a lackluster global economy and difficult operating conditions" and noted a balance-sheet-strengthening refinancing. UTi Worldwide management also cited currency changes as hurting results for the company, which has extensive international operations. The company's stock has fallen nearly 45% over the past year, and it's burning cash.